Online guide to choose the best portable basketball hoop

Online guide to choose the best portable basketball hoop

Playing basketball is a simple way to enjoy fun, improve coordination and burn calories. However, buying a residential basketball loop can be confusing and daunting. Whether you are planning on to shoot hoops for fun or playing competitive games of 3-on-3 or you are practicing team drills, buying a best portable basketball hoop will better meet your desire of playing basketball. You might already have a basketball system in your home, but the fact that your system is in your driveway for more than ten years stresses the importance in finding a portable hoop that is best for you.

Portable basketball system suitable for most driveways

Most driveways come featured with 48 to 52 inches size backboard having an XL base. Almost all kinds of high quality portable basketball goal that you find in the driveway are adjustable, either in terms of convenient handle or the conventional broomstick adjustment type.portable baksetball hoops

Money that is safer to invest on a portable basketball hoop for your home

The average hoop is intermediate and it costs around $300. This will get you a clear 52 inch size board and niche handle at the back for lifting it up or down and a big base for stability.

The beginner basketball hoop that is mostly suitable for driveways with restricted space or youngster kids cost around $175. These include those non-transparent 44 inch wide backboards, with regular size bases and telescoping adjustable poles.

The highly advanced basketball hoop costs around $1000 for 60 inch glass, however average amount closer to $540 for most of the 54 inch acrylic systems.

Should you need a lifetime portable basketball hoop or a portable huffy/spalding basketball hoop?

Both the brands are considered fabulous. Whether you deem it or not, majority of the driveways sport lifetime brand basketball hoop even though the logo can be Atlas, ProCourt, Reebok, QuickCourt, etc. Many of lifetime’s hoops are developed in USA, while the Huffy/Spalding brand hoops are imported from China. Both of them have stunning quality control, fabulous customer service and warranties.

basketball hoopsLifetime portable systems

Moveable systems have the benefit of being straightforward to move as well as relocate attributable to roller base style. Just fill the bottom part with water or sand for stability.

Glass vs polycarbonate vs acrylic

All these materials have rebound difference on each of their material surfaces on the portable basketball system. Polycarbonate is extremely strong and it cannot be even broken with a baseball bat. Acrylic is also considered fabulous and it is regarded the middle part of road surface for any portable basketball goal. It is next great thing to glass. Glass is the smart option for portable basketball system, but it is a bit expensive option.